Zyn's Boneyard!

Diary of a Mad Gnome

Running at as fast as we can. Trying to get away…into the night! Exhausted,the party can’t take no more. We have to rest. Waking up from a grueling nightmare and already groggy from the previous day of running,seems like the guys are sharing details of a similar dream to mine. I’ll keep mine to myself for the time being. They see that I’m awake,and ask me if I had one? I deny it. Then the arguing ushers forth whether or not I’m lying. Whoopty doo if I am or not,I’ts my choice to keep it to myself. I say we need to get moving to get as much ground between our pursuers as we can. Finally when we do get moving we pass several passages and climb some cliff facing. A turn here and a few there our scouts lead us to a deep pit of bones. Zyn’s the first one in and sees an embedded skull on the far side of the wall. Suddenly he screams and turns around running the opposite direction. After further inspection of the drop off,(and while Zyn collects himself),Ront unfolds the rope ladder we acquired down into the pit. As Anon and I bring up the back watching Jval vigorously chissles away at that same skull,Ront is helping down the muscles of the party. By the time Jval manages to get that blasted skull free from it’s tomb and join myself at the edge of the cliff,the boneyard has already erupted in pandemonium! By now everyone’s being accosted by undead minotaurs dodging skelectal hands from pulling them under. Jval joins in by dopping his orb of acid right atop of the minotaur attacking Derendil and others. Eldath’s up to her knees in perverted fashion! Poor girl,someone needs to get to her quick. Brotherbill to the rescue and saves her among others. Zyn’s peppering foes with his crossbow. Bupido is in a similiar condition with his foe. I lend him a helping scorching ray to finish him off. Rogal’s combing his beared. “Lol!” There’s some really good team work here. I’m starting to enjoy running with these guys. We have to figure a way to stop these undead,when all of a sudden the illumination of the cavern when completely dark. Haulting their progress. Who!? Way to go Bupido! What ever he did,did the trick. No more activity from the undead,but wait there’s more…


grimjim ProRocker

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