Found 20 go60000 sp 4500 copper 55900gp 130 gems 50 go 55 gems woeth 100 33 gems 500 22 gems 2 diamonds and black saphire gems jewlry worth 10000 1 crown inlded wthe 4 gems 30000 the key 4 tons of asorted armor 8 potions 4 uncommon golden robes
1 rare
2 very rare
passive per bill 1 zyn 14 10 dark lake ye sheall not have Zyblis key i willl get it back.firegiant heroi smdimnation 2super healing sovern gluse universalsolvent greater healing brariers of defence +2 boots od the dark elf hats of free action and waterbreathingld bars worth 500gp each.


floating down the river and see tentacles arise from the water. several webs are hanging and most of us reach for them.

spiderbait and yuc yuc.are web traveling goblins we encounter.

Later we meet Reddalbria a floating Flumph who is a friend of stools.

We follow spiderbait and yuc yuc, along the spider

fargus rumblefoot – half spider digested hobbit. Was with an adventuring group looking for the tomb of Khaen which is full of powerful magic and untold riches. Bryss of Khaen was enshrined in a floating tomb fell into a crevise in the underdark. The doorway to the tomb had magical carvings and then she spoke to them.

An aspect of jubilex

In our dreams we dream about turning to oozes. Buppido, JVAL, and Ba all hear a voice that says “You serve a pretender, invader, foriegner he will fall like all the others.” Hail Jubilex.

Ront gets a madness of greed.

Bupido has realized that all the powerful creatures that have been hunting him are the demon lords of the Abyss.

JimJar looses the will to fight.

Eldath turns into an alcholic

Ba starts making some idiotic bet with Jimjar. Next thing I know the two idiots are messing with the shrine and we are attacked by more grey oozes. Finally we clean these up.

Glabergoo leads us up the hall and we fight two black puddings. Finally it is time to see what is across the hall.

Bupido recognizes an aspect of Jubilex and warns us. A hard fight and Anon nearly dies. Finally we beat the ooze back as the halls are filling with water. Shustar swims us to saftey above as we emerge into an undground river.

Who wants pudding pops

+1 Short sword – drow
+1 dagger – drow spider design hilt
3 gold bracelets – green gems 25 gp ea
30 Gp
130 silver

Oozing with possiblity

Run into gelatenous cube – servant of jubilex. Glabergool.
Globlulob – Is the one that can control Glabergool if he gets to close.

14 gp
mostly digested body of a drow
mace – runes carved on it – match stick

We speak with dead with drow skeleton Ballock – which was one of the drow warriors from Velkenvelle. We rest and then follow the cube to a room with water.


Confronted by Hezerous in hall. He says that Yeahtul is angry with us for killing his priest and our souls are now forfiet.

dead dogs wont stay dead

Pearl necklace

9 rough cut gems 50gp each
3 cut gems 100gp each (two later given to spider bait and yuc yuc).

hook horror Egg given to jval

300 silver
47 gold
13 rough gems (50gp each)
fist sized diamond worth 5000gp
large heavy mace (can be weilded 2 hand for 1d10). Carved like demon yeaunagu
mismatched armor – could make a set of full plate
several glaives
several spears
several morning stars

1d8 scimitars +1 and 1d6 dagger set +1 returning – scabbard is rhino hide.anchient quality, carved with house duskryn enblem. dagger is returning.

The society of brilliance, or watch out for that bone.
Observations of Zyn

Blurg – member of the society of brilliance. Can travel through the phaserous.

Mind melds with Stool and the little shit spills everything to him. He is researching strange happenings in the under dark. He was drawn to us due to the chaos surrounding us. He speaks with us and tells us there are hook horrors ahead. He says they will leave us alone if we leave them be.

Slobobdop has 500 Katoins. Arch priest – popeloporon rules. Since there is war going on Shustar believes it might be an uprising.

We come across dead gnolls and a hook horror. Jval seems to speak to the dead hook horror.

Bupido seems to recognize gnoll demons god yeenogau.

I try to be sneaky but fails miserably when I step on and snaps a bone very loudly. In an instant we are surrounded by a pack of ravenous gnolls. Due to some twist of the magic fabric every piercing weapon seems to be inflicting more damage. Good news for my arrows, not such good news since the gnolls have spears.

After a hard fought battle we manage to clear the gnolls. We decide a short rest is in order before heading in to face the hook horror colony. Stool, Fishboy, and Prince Derendil are going to stay back as to not alert the hook horrors to Stools presence.

An Unexpected Reunion (updated)
Diary of a Mad Gnome
Before starting out,Bubido thought it be a good idea to search the rubble of bones for weapons and or other useful items. Sounded like a great idea. It “always” sounds like a great idea until… Some of us start looking around while others kept the look out. Our mages scan the area for magic and pinpointing a place of interest. Digging through layers of bones is a’lot harder than it looks. Someone shouts out “there’s something here!” While someone else screams “no,no don’t touch that!!!” That’s when I see half the party drop seemingly unconscious . Undoubtedly some kind of necrotic surge from a cursed item. That’ll teach us! As the rest of the group regain consciousness Jval and I decide to do a little digging of ourselves and alas we come across what we’ve been looking for. Jval gathers up one those minotaur skeletons we fought while I dig me up two femur bones of a long dead drow. Strapping them to my back I notice Zyn watching me,shaking his head and laughing. Brother Bill asks how I could tell one elf from another? I said “Easy,you just have to find some remaining dark skin and meat.” As I lick my lips. For show of course. Moving on to the adjacent cavern that’s looks man made several millenia ago,a dark and deep tunnel awaits us. Exploring every avenue tells us it leads down a very steep and rocky terrain. So steep in fact it’s gonna require “a follow the leader” rope. Scouting the area further Zyn spies a huge spore mushroom with strange wholes next to it. “What shall we ever do?” “Here’s an idea”,“let’s fuck with it and see what happens.” Seems like we’ll never learn. When someone,(we won’t say who),fires his longbow at it. It then starts releasing its toxic spores. It’s a good thing we were far enough up the cavern that all we had to do is wait out. No time to dally and hearing ruffles and clicks beyond,we start making our way one at a time down the rope when scouting the area further up Rogal noticed,(“Wait!,why is Rogal down there scouting?”),a lair of them damn giant fire beetles! And what does he do? He jumps head first into melee,without back up of course. Mindless brute. A few moments he’s rushing back to the safety of the party to couple of jabs at his ego. A huge fight ensues and as we’re finishing up them damn drow snuck in behind us flanking our escape. When Jval finds another route for our leave. And with some fancy climbing and magic he’s able to scramble up into the shaft with the ladder in tow. Apparently Kurren Kaul’s either playing with us or sincerely is helping,cause he just stopped the drow hunting party from apprehending us. One after the other each member climbs to their safety not before one last attack against us/or me! After helping roll up the ladder I look out over the cliff facing only to see a huge fireball heading my way…too late,critical hit! Cooks my flesh off,burns away my clothing and equipment. Barely escaping with my life,I’ve lost everything even my free will…
Zyn's Boneyard!
Diary of a Mad Gnome
Running at as fast as we can. Trying to get away…into the night! Exhausted,the party can’t take no more. We have to rest. Waking up from a grueling nightmare and already groggy from the previous day of running,seems like the guys are sharing details of a similar dream to mine. I’ll keep mine to myself for the time being. They see that I’m awake,and ask me if I had one? I deny it. Then the arguing ushers forth whether or not I’m lying. Whoopty doo if I am or not,I’ts my choice to keep it to myself. I say we need to get moving to get as much ground between our pursuers as we can. Finally when we do get moving we pass several passages and climb some cliff facing. A turn here and a few there our scouts lead us to a deep pit of bones. Zyn’s the first one in and sees an embedded skull on the far side of the wall. Suddenly he screams and turns around running the opposite direction. After further inspection of the drop off,(and while Zyn collects himself),Ront unfolds the rope ladder we acquired down into the pit. As Anon and I bring up the back watching Jval vigorously chissles away at that same skull,Ront is helping down the muscles of the party. By the time Jval manages to get that blasted skull free from it’s tomb and join myself at the edge of the cliff,the boneyard has already erupted in pandemonium! By now everyone’s being accosted by undead minotaurs dodging skelectal hands from pulling them under. Jval joins in by dopping his orb of acid right atop of the minotaur attacking Derendil and others. Eldath’s up to her knees in perverted fashion! Poor girl,someone needs to get to her quick. Brotherbill to the rescue and saves her among others. Zyn’s peppering foes with his crossbow. Bupido is in a similiar condition with his foe. I lend him a helping scorching ray to finish him off. Rogal’s combing his beared. “Lol!” There’s some really good team work here. I’m starting to enjoy running with these guys. We have to figure a way to stop these undead,when all of a sudden the illumination of the cavern when completely dark. Haulting their progress. Who!? Way to go Bupido! What ever he did,did the trick. No more activity from the undead,but wait there’s more…

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