Making a break for it!
Diary of a Mad gnome

Gathering ourselves for the up-coming fight we devise a sound plan of attack. With swords clanking together and magical explosions erupting just a few meters away. Our heavy hitters will fight their way to the bucket and pulley wheel while our casters lay down some cover fire. The bucket & pulley system allows slave workers to haul great loads of ore back and forth over deep crevices. The only seemingly way out of this hells hole. Upon entering the fray we see them damn drow battling furiously with demons. Best to let them take themselves out while we take on the less stronger foes. Right off the bat a drow spots me as a caster and deals me a vicious blow that I barely recover from. Still on my feet I return the favor as i make my way to the room to the left where Jval,Brother Bill and Stool are gathering the rest of the spell components. I surely cant take another hit like that again! Things seems to be going as plan,(for now). The crew are doing a superb job in holding them back while the others load each bucket to capacity. As the battle rages on its time to make our own break for it. I lay down more cover fire while my new friends get loaded in. Looks like its gonna take another few minutes for the bucket to cycle back to me. Hells i’m not waiting that long! Be with me Barravar. Running full speed I jump out over the 100’ cliff and slide bare handed down the pulley rope to safety. Ouch! I sure didn’t think that through. With the sounds of battle dying down and the rest of our party coming,we make a sprint for it with Stool leading us to our possible freedom…But what’s this? That same demon managed to survive and follow us only to get himself killed. Meeting up with the group,we make camp at a glowing mushroom to lick our wounds.

Fight or Flight? I choose Violence.

6 waterskins – 2 gallons each

Zyn took longbow/quiver with arrows and elite drow coin purse



Deep gnome perspective

"Diary of a Mad Gnome" Voices… In and out of consciousness… Pains,sharp ones too. Sounds,turning of a key. To a door,a cell door. A thud,yelp and a scream! Fully awake now. Drow! Two of them to be exact, hauling a female svirfneblin out the cell with another in tow (i'm assuming after me),grabbing me up to follow them. As someone is yelling "There's too many of these damn svirfneblins in here. Feed them to the spiders!" I don't mind spiders,ridden one back in the day. There just slaves to them damned drow as are everything else. As we're being thrown in I notice the huge crowd gathered around. Probably betting on who'll survive. Maybe we two can work together…perhaps not. One of the three giant spiders pounced atop of her sinking its fangs into her chest and spinning her up in it's web. Feeling vibrations from the webbing that alerts me to the greater threat and with some quick thinking,I hand him a few deserving magic missles in the face! Me,Ba Ravarr sorcerer supreme going toe to toes with giant spiders. But he was too over whelming and just before he bit me i notice a strange looking spider just beyond the fight that struck me as odd. Awaiting darkness and for Baravar to take me I suddenly wake in the chambers of a drow priestess commander Ilvara Mizzrym. Searing pains in my back,ankles and wrists along with iron binding rings grafted to me for her twisted entertainment. Donning me in her special suit,(which i defiantly tear off only to be stapled back to my skin),she asks of me how is it that a wreched gmome like me is casting magic? Ignoring her and playing along with her games I then spot a statue of Lolth with a pendant necklace that look like it could hold a spellgem. After hours of intense torture I'm back in my cell along with a number of others. Some jack hole has the nerve to come up ant start interigating me on what happened. Too tired to deal i find me a unoccupied pail and let darkness take me. 

The next few weeks were uneventful except that day I found a corelion gem estimated around ten gold pieces. Last work shift I befriended twin svirfneblin Topsy and Turvy and they showed me a hidden crack behind some storage in one of those hollowed out stalagtites. They seem to be on the up and up. Starting to get to know the other inmates. There's a pretty red hot demon bitch i'd liked to sink my teeth in here. Her tiefling ass is gonna get a real workout! All the others i can give two guanno about. Also looks like they've put a drow spy in here with us. I'll have to stay well away from him. Weeks of nightmares causing several of us to succumb to maddness. Caught me a case of infinate madness 93. Hours of blindness too didnt help any either. By the time my vision cleared up it was time to join the fray. Giant beetle incursion attacks the outer parts of the prison. Finally showing up a little too late to the fight and just in time for me to slay me a beetle. And in all the confusion them traitors,(to my cause in escaping),tucked tail and left without me! There will be dire consequences the next time i run into them two again,mark my words!

Noises…laughter…shouting! Waking up to yet another fine work cycle in this illustrious five star jail cell,I find myself completely and strangely rested. Today's the day I escape,I hope! Biding my time I watch the unfoldings of today's events with real understanding. As I let the group set up a situation where we can get moving,a fight breaks out in the foyer between,what did they say?,"Demons!" This is are moment! The diversion we need. We make our break out our cell and split up looking for our stuff and whatever will help our escape. Team blue found our equipment while my group,team gold, plunders our captive's personal quarters. And there's one place I have in mind,priestess commander Ilvara Mizzrym's room and her spell-gem pendant of Lolth! After further inspection of the surrounding rooms we meet back up with the group on our way to freedom or our demise. 

Spider Guts
Observations of Zyn

Asha returns to us with two elite drow. She tells us out loud that because we were found with weapons that we will not be fed for 2 more days and not be allowed to work. She tells us through stool however that our time is near.

A fight breaks out when two demons attack the Quagoth and Drow outside our cell. After the demons distract the guards, Jimjar slipped between the bars and made his way to the mechanism room to the north.

The bars raise, we are free! Now to my way out of here. We make our way to Illveras stallagetite. In the temple Ba races for the sculpture of lloth and retrieves a pendant with a large dark onxy stone set in it. Has nice platinum and gold work. With markings on the edge. Ba stuffs it in his chest pocket.

We go down stairs and fight 3 spiders, and then Ilveras pet. Ilvera sees us in her mirror and screams in rage. "YOU WILL ALL SUFFER FOR THIS!!!!"

things we find:

6 chain shirt

6 studed leather armor

5 cases cross bow bolt

3 bags of caltrops

2 bags of iron spikes

2 daggers

4 100ft long ropes

6 shields ropes

16 fist sized mushroom caps – bread days each

small silver mirror – worth 10p

shrine to lloth made out of bok wood and have precious stones


silver chain

head dress with onxy stones s

mall leather purse 24 gold 30 silver


spare spell component pouch

pewter pitcher and matching goblets

20 gp

black velvet mask and silver thread with spider b

one dice with elvish characters and inlaid with semi precious stones

onxy broach

flask of liquor


Killed 3 spiders, Ilveras pet spider, and a mimic.


Zyn – coinpurse from elite drow 30gp + 2 gems worth 100GP each.


A spooky encounter
Observations of Zyn

Bupido says that Sarith raised the spore servants. They reacted to the spore beetles in the same ways. He says that the spore servants appeared to be undead drow.

Then stool begins screaming in our minds. He says he feels sick and then screams again. He folds his feet up inside himself and then he turns harden. Brother Bill examines him and notices pink spores that have settled on him, same as the ones that came from the beetles.

Prince derindil is worried what might happen if he is ever seriously

The nightmares come that night. Sarith is standing on a pile of spores and undead bodies. He then changes and is replaced by a ghostly woman in flowing gowns. She looks at us and says “I see you now”. We all awake at once. In the center of the room is the ghost and she attacks ba. She misses and becomes infuriated. She mouths words but we cant hear her. Then she disappears but in her place appears a ghoul.

The ghoul appears to be regenerating during the encounter. During the hieght of battle he screams in gutteral language “You shall all perish in the holy flames”.

Finally we get the creature to the ground, vapor rises out of him and we see its the ghost again. She flees our cell and appears to enter the body of a quagoth. The quagoth immediately attacks the drow standing next to it. Finally the drow overcome the possessed quagoth.

Asha came and was amazed that we had handled the ghoul by ourselves with limited weapons. She came into our cell and heals the ones that need it. She comes back and takes Rogal away for a bit. She showed them some of our gear in Ilveras chambers.

That evening Ilveras pet returns to us. Since stool is out of commission we are afraid to even whisper in front of them.

Jorlan Duskryn comes to us and thanks us for saving his nephew. He asks if we are serious in our escape attempt. Once we convince him he helps us revive stool with some powder. Stool appears taller and has small arms now. Gear and provisions in the guard tower and the mess hall. he tells us. We will help you but it can’t appear that we are. Do not go toward Guantelgrim as the way is covered with Ilveras drow.

Asha Vandree comes and takes the mages away she tells them she will make sure some of the magic compenents remain behind in the kitchen.

Everyone got the best sleep they have had since being incarcerated.

Things come to a head, then the head explodes.
From the notes of Zyn

Shor arrives at the gate and calls out for Rogal. He is holding a helmet with a head still in it. He asks Rogal if he recognizes this man and he lies and say no. Later he tells us this is one of his fathers men, surely out looking for him. Once they are noticed missing more dwarves will come.
Jimjar wins a bet against us all sneaking out and back without being seen. The next night Turvey sneaks out and finds our equipment. He returns with daggers and maces but is spotted and our escape attempt is thwarted.

Joren returns and demand our stolen items for food.

I tried to taunt his minion to fight me but he ignored my even my best attempts to infuriate him. Finally we have no choice but to comply. I returned my dagger towards his head but he dodges. Finally Jorlen brings us our reward of bread and cheese. This is quite the reward compared to our usual mushroom broth.

The next day we are collected for work duty again. The party is split in two and sent to work. I was sent down to the surface to pick mushrooms. After just a moment all Serith starts raving like a mad man then moments later his head explodes into spores. Some giant beetle creatures came and also burst spores. The spores seemed to have various effects on the others, fortunately I was not affected. We were attacked by some sort of spore zombie creatures as well.

Topsy and Turvey turned to were-rats and abandon us in the chaos. I doubt we will see them again. Although I could not tell if they took our bag of liberated equipment or not.

Our captors sensing their precarious position allowed us weapons to fight along beside them. Finally we were able to best all the foul creatures. Asha and Sorn Duskryn commends us on our fine efforts.

Ilvara and Shoor are out with several of the drow looking for other dwarves to ensure there are no scouting parties from Guantlegrim.

The meeting
Observations of Zyn

The gates opened and drow and Quagoth poured into the cell. We all backed away against the walls . I could see that they carried 4 unconscious people between them. These they dropped in the middle of the cell. The 5th a runty little gnome they threw out onto the spider webs.

Immediately JimJar and Buppido started wagering on the group. The bet on everything from which one would wake first to what the poor bastard on the web would do. I looked over the group with interest. A big ugly half orc, a dwarf, a hot tiefling, and most surprising of all a human. I’ve never seen too many humans. It seems unlikely to me that this group was caught together, I briefly thought about betting Jimjar but decided to keep my silence and watch.

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