Half-Orc Wizard


Sickly pale green skin
Shaved head
Short scraggly black beard
Black robes and shoes, he wears the hood up always


Jval was born into the streets of Luskan, his mother died at birth and with no father to speak of he was given up as an orphan. Jval fled the orphanage as soon as he could run and joined an orcish street gang as a pickpocket. But when he tried to cut the purse of a brightly robed wizard he was caught and at his mercy, although instead of killing him he spared his life and took him as an apprentice. It was then as he was discovering his magical potential he started having recurring dreams of a library in the underdark.
‚Äč Years of studying and practice made Jval into a fledgling wizard but the dreams that troubled him proved too tempting. So while his master was away Jval stole everything he could carry from his master’s abode, loaded it into a cart, and headed for Waterdeep to start his quest to find the lost library, but on the road to Neverwinter was overtaken by Drow slavers.


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