Ba Ravarr Drow Raper

Deep Gnome Sorcerer Supreme


A 2’10" Svirfneblin bald with charcoal grey skin,big black eyes that wears a tattered hoodless cape over a simple sleeveless vest and trousers with high mining boots. In big bold Svirfneblin letters,a tattoo of “Death to all Drow”on his upper back from shoulders to shoulders. Was abducted, (twice), from the great gnomish city of Blingdenstone by Drow raiding parties. Hence the inflamed hatred for them! Also has a an uncontrollable twitch that occurs roughly every 2 rounds. A direct result from an alchemist explosion early in his youth. A sorcerer that wields throwing darts and a small ruby imbedded ax that acts as his focus for his wild magic.

“Diary of a Wimpy Gnome” I’ve studied with a deep gnome alchemist and miner named Kazook Pickshine, who saved my life once when a magical experiment when awry. Last I’ve heard, his family controlled some of the largest mines in the deep gnome settlement of Blingdenstone,but that seems like ages ago. So to start near the beginning, I was a wee pup when Kazook Pickshine come across me,discarded with the other slain children in a deep abandon mine shaft. Thought dead like the others, my captors, the scourge of the under dark, Drow slavers left the weak to die. Took the stongest and most fit to be auctioned off in Menzoberranzan. Along with my whole family the Clan Ravarr. Kazook says i’ll likely never see them again. Drow are my most hated of races. He took me straight back to Blingdenstone and directly to a well known family of surveyers. They took me in as one of their own. Teaching me the fine art of surveying all the while Kazook mentors me in alchemy. One night Kazook was instructing me on mixing different potions and elixurs when all of a sudden i felt tingling all over,when everything went white with a loud explosion. “Wild magic!” Ever since then Kazook cautiously continued his lessions with me. Of course fate would have its last laugh. During a normal run of the mill surveying job I took myself, (by this time I’m a pretty good surveyer), a Drow hunting party happens across me. And this time I’m not so weak. After a quick altercation with the lot of them, (and a couple of burnt faces), they then shackled me and kicked me unconscious. Until i awoke here inprisoned!

Ba Ravarr Drow Raper

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