Anon Thometat

Tiefling Female Paladin


Dark purple hair and skin. Golden eyes with no pupils or white. Down turned horns curve behind ears and end near chin.


Anon Thometat is a former faction agent of The Zhentarium. She doesn’t know her parents and has no idea if she has any siblings. She vaguely remembers a violent traumatic event when she was about 3. No memories of childhood. Her first memories are of sly dealings and being used as a courier for the Black Network. She began working for Davra Jassur, a Zhentarim “troubleshooter” recruiting promising new talent for the Black Network. Davra Jassur helped her get her start as an adventurer.
Her continuing nightmares, of an endless ageless serpent, have brought her to a breaking point, at such a young age. She has chosen the virtue name of Clarity; in hopes of achieving such. As of late, she has received ‘calm’ dreams where she wields a shield against her deepest unseen foes and finds comfort and ‘clarity’ with a familiar entity. Ultimately though, she may just find that sometimes it’s best to just go with it.

Anon Thometat

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