Found 20 go60000 sp 4500 copper 55900gp 130 gems 50 go 55 gems woeth 100 33 gems 500 22 gems 2 diamonds and black saphire gems jewlry worth 10000 1 crown inlded wthe 4 gems 30000 the key 4 tons of asorted armor 8 potions 4 uncommon golden robes
1 rare
2 very rare
passive per bill 1 zyn 14 10 dark lake ye sheall not have Zyblis key i willl get it back.firegiant heroi smdimnation 2super healing sovern gluse universalsolvent greater healing brariers of defence +2 boots od the dark elf hats of free action and waterbreathingld bars worth 500gp each.


grimjim grimjim

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