The meeting

Observations of Zyn

The gates opened and drow and Quagoth poured into the cell. We all backed away against the walls . I could see that they carried 4 unconscious people between them. These they dropped in the middle of the cell. The 5th a runty little gnome they threw out onto the spider webs.

Immediately JimJar and Buppido started wagering on the group. The bet on everything from which one would wake first to what the poor bastard on the web would do. I looked over the group with interest. A big ugly half orc, a dwarf, a hot tiefling, and most surprising of all a human. I’ve never seen too many humans. It seems unlikely to me that this group was caught together, I briefly thought about betting Jimjar but decided to keep my silence and watch.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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