Spider Guts

Observations of Zyn

Asha returns to us with two elite drow. She tells us out loud that because we were found with weapons that we will not be fed for 2 more days and not be allowed to work. She tells us through stool however that our time is near.

A fight breaks out when two demons attack the Quagoth and Drow outside our cell. After the demons distract the guards, Jimjar slipped between the bars and made his way to the mechanism room to the north.

The bars raise, we are free! Now to my way out of here. We make our way to Illveras stallagetite. In the temple Ba races for the sculpture of lloth and retrieves a pendant with a large dark onxy stone set in it. Has nice platinum and gold work. With markings on the edge. Ba stuffs it in his chest pocket.

We go down stairs and fight 3 spiders, and then Ilveras pet. Ilvera sees us in her mirror and screams in rage. "YOU WILL ALL SUFFER FOR THIS!!!!"

things we find:

6 chain shirt

6 studed leather armor

5 cases cross bow bolt

3 bags of caltrops

2 bags of iron spikes

2 daggers

4 100ft long ropes

6 shields ropes

16 fist sized mushroom caps – bread days each

small silver mirror – worth 10p

shrine to lloth made out of bok wood and have precious stones


silver chain

head dress with onxy stones s

mall leather purse 24 gold 30 silver


spare spell component pouch

pewter pitcher and matching goblets

20 gp

black velvet mask and silver thread with spider b

one dice with elvish characters and inlaid with semi precious stones

onxy broach

flask of liquor


Killed 3 spiders, Ilveras pet spider, and a mimic.


Zyn – coinpurse from elite drow 30gp + 2 gems worth 100GP each.



grimjim Caliphalestrian

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