A spooky encounter

Observations of Zyn

Bupido says that Sarith raised the spore servants. They reacted to the spore beetles in the same ways. He says that the spore servants appeared to be undead drow.

Then stool begins screaming in our minds. He says he feels sick and then screams again. He folds his feet up inside himself and then he turns harden. Brother Bill examines him and notices pink spores that have settled on him, same as the ones that came from the beetles.

Prince derindil is worried what might happen if he is ever seriously

The nightmares come that night. Sarith is standing on a pile of spores and undead bodies. He then changes and is replaced by a ghostly woman in flowing gowns. She looks at us and says “I see you now”. We all awake at once. In the center of the room is the ghost and she attacks ba. She misses and becomes infuriated. She mouths words but we cant hear her. Then she disappears but in her place appears a ghoul.

The ghoul appears to be regenerating during the encounter. During the hieght of battle he screams in gutteral language “You shall all perish in the holy flames”.

Finally we get the creature to the ground, vapor rises out of him and we see its the ghost again. She flees our cell and appears to enter the body of a quagoth. The quagoth immediately attacks the drow standing next to it. Finally the drow overcome the possessed quagoth.

Asha came and was amazed that we had handled the ghoul by ourselves with limited weapons. She came into our cell and heals the ones that need it. She comes back and takes Rogal away for a bit. She showed them some of our gear in Ilveras chambers.

That evening Ilveras pet returns to us. Since stool is out of commission we are afraid to even whisper in front of them.

Jorlan Duskryn comes to us and thanks us for saving his nephew. He asks if we are serious in our escape attempt. Once we convince him he helps us revive stool with some powder. Stool appears taller and has small arms now. Gear and provisions in the guard tower and the mess hall. he tells us. We will help you but it can’t appear that we are. Do not go toward Guantelgrim as the way is covered with Ilveras drow.

Asha Vandree comes and takes the mages away she tells them she will make sure some of the magic compenents remain behind in the kitchen.

Everyone got the best sleep they have had since being incarcerated.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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