Things come to a head, then the head explodes.

From the notes of Zyn

Shor arrives at the gate and calls out for Rogal. He is holding a helmet with a head still in it. He asks Rogal if he recognizes this man and he lies and say no. Later he tells us this is one of his fathers men, surely out looking for him. Once they are noticed missing more dwarves will come.
Jimjar wins a bet against us all sneaking out and back without being seen. The next night Turvey sneaks out and finds our equipment. He returns with daggers and maces but is spotted and our escape attempt is thwarted.

Joren returns and demand our stolen items for food.

I tried to taunt his minion to fight me but he ignored my even my best attempts to infuriate him. Finally we have no choice but to comply. I returned my dagger towards his head but he dodges. Finally Jorlen brings us our reward of bread and cheese. This is quite the reward compared to our usual mushroom broth.

The next day we are collected for work duty again. The party is split in two and sent to work. I was sent down to the surface to pick mushrooms. After just a moment all Serith starts raving like a mad man then moments later his head explodes into spores. Some giant beetle creatures came and also burst spores. The spores seemed to have various effects on the others, fortunately I was not affected. We were attacked by some sort of spore zombie creatures as well.

Topsy and Turvey turned to were-rats and abandon us in the chaos. I doubt we will see them again. Although I could not tell if they took our bag of liberated equipment or not.

Our captors sensing their precarious position allowed us weapons to fight along beside them. Finally we were able to best all the foul creatures. Asha and Sorn Duskryn commends us on our fine efforts.

Ilvara and Shoor are out with several of the drow looking for other dwarves to ensure there are no scouting parties from Guantlegrim.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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