Making a break for it!

Diary of a Mad gnome

Gathering ourselves for the up-coming fight we devise a sound plan of attack. With swords clanking together and magical explosions erupting just a few meters away. Our heavy hitters will fight their way to the bucket and pulley wheel while our casters lay down some cover fire. The bucket & pulley system allows slave workers to haul great loads of ore back and forth over deep crevices. The only seemingly way out of this hells hole. Upon entering the fray we see them damn drow battling furiously with demons. Best to let them take themselves out while we take on the less stronger foes. Right off the bat a drow spots me as a caster and deals me a vicious blow that I barely recover from. Still on my feet I return the favor as i make my way to the room to the left where Jval,Brother Bill and Stool are gathering the rest of the spell components. I surely cant take another hit like that again! Things seems to be going as plan,(for now). The crew are doing a superb job in holding them back while the others load each bucket to capacity. As the battle rages on its time to make our own break for it. I lay down more cover fire while my new friends get loaded in. Looks like its gonna take another few minutes for the bucket to cycle back to me. Hells i’m not waiting that long! Be with me Barravar. Running full speed I jump out over the 100’ cliff and slide bare handed down the pulley rope to safety. Ouch! I sure didn’t think that through. With the sounds of battle dying down and the rest of our party coming,we make a sprint for it with Stool leading us to our possible freedom…But what’s this? That same demon managed to survive and follow us only to get himself killed. Meeting up with the group,we make camp at a glowing mushroom to lick our wounds.


grimjim ProRocker

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