dead dogs wont stay dead

Pearl necklace

9 rough cut gems 50gp each
3 cut gems 100gp each (two later given to spider bait and yuc yuc).

hook horror Egg given to jval

300 silver
47 gold
13 rough gems (50gp each)
fist sized diamond worth 5000gp
large heavy mace (can be weilded 2 hand for 1d10). Carved like demon yeaunagu
mismatched armor – could make a set of full plate
several glaives
several spears
several morning stars

1d8 scimitars +1 and 1d6 dagger set +1 returning – scabbard is rhino hide.anchient quality, carved with house duskryn enblem. dagger is returning.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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