An Unexpected Reunion (updated)

Diary of a Mad Gnome

Before starting out,Bubido thought it be a good idea to search the rubble of bones for weapons and or other useful items. Sounded like a great idea. It “always” sounds like a great idea until… Some of us start looking around while others kept the look out. Our mages scan the area for magic and pinpointing a place of interest. Digging through layers of bones is a’lot harder than it looks. Someone shouts out “there’s something here!” While someone else screams “no,no don’t touch that!!!” That’s when I see half the party drop seemingly unconscious . Undoubtedly some kind of necrotic surge from a cursed item. That’ll teach us! As the rest of the group regain consciousness Jval and I decide to do a little digging of ourselves and alas we come across what we’ve been looking for. Jval gathers up one those minotaur skeletons we fought while I dig me up two femur bones of a long dead drow. Strapping them to my back I notice Zyn watching me,shaking his head and laughing. Brother Bill asks how I could tell one elf from another? I said “Easy,you just have to find some remaining dark skin and meat.” As I lick my lips. For show of course. Moving on to the adjacent cavern that’s looks man made several millenia ago,a dark and deep tunnel awaits us. Exploring every avenue tells us it leads down a very steep and rocky terrain. So steep in fact it’s gonna require “a follow the leader” rope. Scouting the area further Zyn spies a huge spore mushroom with strange wholes next to it. “What shall we ever do?” “Here’s an idea”,“let’s fuck with it and see what happens.” Seems like we’ll never learn. When someone,(we won’t say who),fires his longbow at it. It then starts releasing its toxic spores. It’s a good thing we were far enough up the cavern that all we had to do is wait out. No time to dally and hearing ruffles and clicks beyond,we start making our way one at a time down the rope when scouting the area further up Rogal noticed,(“Wait!,why is Rogal down there scouting?”),a lair of them damn giant fire beetles! And what does he do? He jumps head first into melee,without back up of course. Mindless brute. A few moments he’s rushing back to the safety of the party to couple of jabs at his ego. A huge fight ensues and as we’re finishing up them damn drow snuck in behind us flanking our escape. When Jval finds another route for our leave. And with some fancy climbing and magic he’s able to scramble up into the shaft with the ladder in tow. Apparently Kurren Kaul’s either playing with us or sincerely is helping,cause he just stopped the drow hunting party from apprehending us. One after the other each member climbs to their safety not before one last attack against us/or me! After helping roll up the ladder I look out over the cliff facing only to see a huge fireball heading my way…too late,critical hit! Cooks my flesh off,burns away my clothing and equipment. Barely escaping with my life,I’ve lost everything even my free will…


grimjim ProRocker

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