An aspect of jubilex

In our dreams we dream about turning to oozes. Buppido, JVAL, and Ba all hear a voice that says “You serve a pretender, invader, foriegner he will fall like all the others.” Hail Jubilex.

Ront gets a madness of greed.

Bupido has realized that all the powerful creatures that have been hunting him are the demon lords of the Abyss.

JimJar looses the will to fight.

Eldath turns into an alcholic

Ba starts making some idiotic bet with Jimjar. Next thing I know the two idiots are messing with the shrine and we are attacked by more grey oozes. Finally we clean these up.

Glabergoo leads us up the hall and we fight two black puddings. Finally it is time to see what is across the hall.

Bupido recognizes an aspect of Jubilex and warns us. A hard fight and Anon nearly dies. Finally we beat the ooze back as the halls are filling with water. Shustar swims us to saftey above as we emerge into an undground river.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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