The society of brilliance, or watch out for that bone.

Observations of Zyn

Blurg – member of the society of brilliance. Can travel through the phaserous.

Mind melds with Stool and the little shit spills everything to him. He is researching strange happenings in the under dark. He was drawn to us due to the chaos surrounding us. He speaks with us and tells us there are hook horrors ahead. He says they will leave us alone if we leave them be.

Slobobdop has 500 Katoins. Arch priest – popeloporon rules. Since there is war going on Shustar believes it might be an uprising.

We come across dead gnolls and a hook horror. Jval seems to speak to the dead hook horror.

Bupido seems to recognize gnoll demons god yeenogau.

I try to be sneaky but fails miserably when I step on and snaps a bone very loudly. In an instant we are surrounded by a pack of ravenous gnolls. Due to some twist of the magic fabric every piercing weapon seems to be inflicting more damage. Good news for my arrows, not such good news since the gnolls have spears.

After a hard fought battle we manage to clear the gnolls. We decide a short rest is in order before heading in to face the hook horror colony. Stool, Fishboy, and Prince Derendil are going to stay back as to not alert the hook horrors to Stools presence.


grimjim Caliphalestrian

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